Rowrah 2008

Welcome to Rowrah

Many thanks to Rowrah Kart Racing Club who made the facilities available to us. - Thank You and with particular thanks to Malcolm Fell, Ken Walker and David Bewley who helped to make the meeting such a success. David's knowledge of historic karting is fantastic, that together with his many photographs gave the experts panel something to think about!!. Thanks also go to the BHKC Committee for all there hard work in putting on the event and Jeff Gray for the Retro Racers who put on some great racing.

Another great weekend for Historic Karting - Saturday - Dry all day only rained during the night but with strong winds and torential rain - Sunday woke up to a light rain shower at 7.00am then out came the SUN.

Reto Racers scheduled for the first heat at 11.00am. Then a dirty black cloud appeared and just as the gearbox karts got underway so did the rain - only problem was the rain that came down was rather heavy. After that it was a mixture of sun and showers with some of the heats in the rain but the track did seem to dry out very quickly. Having said that everyone seemed to be smiling and enjoyed it although a little damp!!. The introduction of the rain did make for some very interesting and enjoyable racing.

The photographs have been split into a number of areas - click on the links below:-

Photographs around the Paddock - Saturday and Sunday

Saturday Practice - Gearbox Karts

Saturday Practice - Direct Drive Karts

Static Photographs of Karts

Retro Racer - Gearbox

Retro Racer - Direct Drive

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