Karting Legends - Donington Park Museum 2010

Karting Legends Members karts go on display at Donington

Over the next few months Tony Keele's First Keele Kart (1959) and Keele Speedcraft Matador Kart together with Neil Ward's Zip GP 250 Rotax Hemetite Kart and Zip Kelgate karts will be on display at the Donington Park Museum amongst some of the worlds most famous historic racing cars. The Donington Grand Prix Collection is, quite simply, the largest showcase of Grand Prix racing cars in the world. Five halls, with over 130 exhibits, illustrate the history of motorsport from the turn of the 20th Century, where visitors can get close to the cars driven by such famous names as Nuvolari, Mansell, Prost, Moss, Senna, Fangio and Stewart.

Photographs are by a new young trainee

Many Thanks Viv

More photographers at it!! This one is not so young but is trying a new camera

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