Kart Force / Karting Legends

Whilton Mill - August 2010

Karting Legends have supported and promoted KartForce since its inception and were invited to display and participate in the KartForce inaugural meeting at Whilton Mill in August 2010. One of the main ambitions of KartForce, and reasons for developing alternative controls, was the ability for people with injuries up to and including triple amputees or similar to be able to compete on a level playing field in the sport. The photos on the following links say it all. Despite being wet and cold everyone had a great time. The hand controls worked well and people with multiple disabilities were going as competently and fast as some experienced karters. It was certainly shown that persons with such injuries can compete on a level in such a sport.

I wish KartForce a successful future and hope to see them at various events in the future.

The links below cover various aspects and events over the weekend:-

  • Photographs of Karting Legends and others on Track

  • Photographs of Kart Force on Track

  • Photographs of Karting Legends Display

  • Photographs of the Photoshoot

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